Here I occasionally post some links to articles and other content that I have found inspiring. It is a collection of bookmarks for myself and for everyone else that might enjoy them. So there is a reason to return from time to time. I hope it gives you better insight into how I think and what fascinates me. And whether we may be culture fit or not.

Podcasts I listen to

I use Podcast Addict app to manage my subscriptions. I have subscribed to around 40 podcasts and I listen to these while walking, commuting, doing sports etc. I often use 1.4x speed for listening because everything is too slow.

👉 In the beginning of the first COVID19 lockdown I prepared a separate subpage (in Estonian) where I recommend talkshows.

Business of HYPE by Jeff Staples, Influencers with Andy Serwer, Freakonomics (occasionally), Algorütm (Estonian tech podcast), Waveform by MKBHD, Recode Media with Peter Kafka, Uncensored by IncRestart (Estonian tech podcast, sometimes they have had really good shows), IDA Radio talkshows (Vitamiin K, Materialism, IDA jutud)

Just beautiful websites

Here I post some websites (in random order) I like to lurk around just because of how well they are built. Because, they did not have to… but they still did.

Bustle, Input Mag, Poolside FM, blokdots, Haus, wwwstuudio (and their portfolio, this is what I think of when someone says “front-end”), Overclothing, WePresent by WeTransfer, GRRR, Dropbox blog, IDA Radio (absolute fan), Radio Helsinki, Ranno Ait (cool portfolio)


I very much enjoy listening to 2 hours shows by Lefto, Moxie and Bradley Zero.

Articles that I have enjoyed

I read Hacker News every day 🙂

Other things

Forget The 10,000-Hour Rule; Follow The 10,000-Experiment Rule New!
by Michael Simmons in Accelerated Intelligence / finding the path

I’ve Got Some Things to Say
by Romelu Lukaku / process, purpose

What is a minimum viable product?
Crew Blog / process

Multitasking is Killing Your Brain
by Larry Kim, The Mission, Jan 26, 2016 / getting things done

If It Doesn’t Suck, It’s Not Worth Doing
The Mission, Jul 14, 2016 / entrepreneurship, goals

Warren Buffet’s Best Investment
by Bill and Melinda Gates, Feb 14, 2017 / perspective, values

A story about entrepreneurs I want to invest in, without even listening to their pitch.
by Piotr Wilam, Jun 5, 2017 / work ethics

The 100% Easy to Read Standard
iA Blog / design, typography, usability

The Work You Do, the Person You Are
The New Yorker, Jun 5, 2017 / mindset

“Let others succeed”: Google CEO Sundar Pichai’s simple but effective leadership style
Quartz, Jan 6, 2017 / leadership

2015: The Best Year in History for the Average Human Being
The Atlantic, Dec 18, 2015

Work, Sleep, Family, Fitness, or Friends: Pick 3, 2011. / career, entrepreneurship

Books and movies


This is a low-key Bored Elon Musk of the things I would like to build one day
  • New version of that would look as good as Medium, linked to GA like and simple stats like Feedly.
  • Find the nearest tire service with available times + booking.
  • Send it to me in n days – service to give away a string of text and get back in after the defined period of time
  • Blood analysis results interpreter for end consumer. Something like this but waaaaay better.
  • Galleries and exhibitions database so that I could know what is up, where and if open.
  • Tinder to find matching sparring partner.
  • Hacker News type of feed of only important local news
  • Loan and leasing calculator that people would actually understand (thank you, Taivo Reintal, for teaching me Principles of Finance)
  • Rada7 type of events calendar, without registration, confirmation by e-mail. Update: is in the making.
  • Help to solve this issue with an online environment where you can authent with mID or Smart-ID and just order necessary things for free.